Saturday, December 17, 2011

About Swiss Chronoforce

1. Mission Statement
Our philosophy is to produce and market high quality and affordable timekeeping instruments to fulfill a comprehensive suite of professional needs.

2. Story
In 2005, a group of horology designers and extreme sports specialists joined in an endeavor to create timepieces that perfectly fit the professional needs.

Combining knowledge of Swiss Matchmaking tradition and experience in various extreme conditions, the Chronoforce watch collections were developed and introduced into the market worldwide.

3. Techonology
A team of Chronoforce designers created a unique patented suspension system for shock absorption; the DMFT (Dynamic Movement Frame Technology) is a unique system with a highly complex case construction behind, allowing watch cases to auto adjusts according to the movement of the hand during high speed racing.

This allows the professionals to feel absolute wrists comfort no matter what movements the extreme sport may require.

Chronoforce produces limited editions in association with special events and sponsorships associated with the brand.

The special models represent Chronoforce technical expertise and design prowess.

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